April 5, 2010



Also: miniature.

Greg bought it at the farmers' market and he cooked it up for Sunday dinner.

Thank you Greg!!

Quiz: Are you me?

When you look at this scene, you think:

a) Oh, huh, cars. Boring.


B = you are me.

And isn't it wonderful?

Change of season

Once in the springtime when I was a little kid I wore my snowpants to school on a really warm day. I had been wearing them all winter—every day for months—and a conservative impulse won out over the fact that it was approximately 15 degrees Celcius.

I got to school and everyone was wearing jeans and t-shirts. Yep, everyone except little Becca, who was shuffling along in her snowpants feeling like an idiot.

This guy has the same problem.

It may be April but he is not ready to shed the woolens.