July 23, 2010


Without four scarves, a baseball hat,

the Talmud, a selection of international literary fiction, and "a deliciously mordant send-up of the publishing world,"

can you even call it a vacation?

I am about to go on vacation

But before I go,

Are you hip to what's happening here??

Buds! It's going to bloom!

July 21, 2010

Manhattan Avenue dog

It totally gave me the cold shoulder.


His eyes are like chocklit drops.


The perfect ice cream cone.

Not too big.

If this:

Reminds you of this:

You might be working too hard.

Why yes, I am editing a book about Cubist collages!

July 15, 2010

"Really cheap garbage"

That's Greg's opinion of this tin I found.


July 14, 2010


The three least desirable books in existence!

That would be these:

This morning

Attached to my foot when I woke up!



Sofa dinner.

Eat your sausarge in comfort.

ANOTHER round cushion?


I am addicted to cushion covers—but we already have way too many pillows everywhere, plus I covered the footrest, and we have a blanket I made on the couch. The living room is a bit "busy."

So this one is a present for a friend.


I got Greg a really nice v-neck.

But he won't wear it!

July 12, 2010

Store cat

Pat her.

She will stretch out.


Crime scene.


A rawsome old chisel!

Needs to be sharpened.

Almost as good as my Bull Driver.


Bonking your cactus real hard with your forearm . . .

Try not to do that.

July 8, 2010


Yesterday I saw this work in progress on my favorite blog:

(Note: the yarn is knotted to a crocheted circle like those I used for my desk-chair cushion.)

Then today, these amazing things:

Obviously I need to make a shag rug.

July 7, 2010

Dear Once Again Nut Butter, Inc.,

I like your organic no-salt peanut butter.

What I don't like is a nasty old raccoon sneaking into my kitchen and making itself a sandwich.

The only scavenger who gets a free sandwich from me is this guy (he's so dapper).


It's 102 degrees outside, and our kitchen air conditioner is in for repairs (thanks landlady).

Yep, we better go for pizza.

Then let's go home and lie on the bed in our underwear.

July 5, 2010

What to do Saturday afternoon

Jumbo sweater found on the street and warshed and felted:

Cut two circles.


Sew them together.

Now take those other circles, crocheted for half-sheepskin cushions that aren't gonna happen, and crochet them together.

But— . . . Greg is napping on the yarn bag!

Hmm . . . maybe unravel these mini pantalons?

YES! Now, crochet the yarn circles together . . .

Then stuff the sweater circles inside:

Seal it up with the pantalons yarn.

And you got a cushion for your desk chair AW YEAH!

Best afternoon ever.


Indisputably here!

Hallway kitty

Sniffing or munching?

(Still nothing in his backpack.)