July 8, 2010


Yesterday I saw this work in progress on my favorite blog:

(Note: the yarn is knotted to a crocheted circle like those I used for my desk-chair cushion.)

Then today, these amazing things:

Obviously I need to make a shag rug.


  1. Hey, Ms Manna

    Nothing to do with shag rugs, I'm afraid - just a catch-up comment: We somehow didn't persist with an email convo while I was in NYC, but you very kindly did offer to help with a visit to MoMA. It was very sweet of you, but as we had an All Access pass to the museums of your marvellous city, we were all sorted out. But thank you nonetheless.

    also, I seem to have worked out that you work at MoMA, which is very nice. We met with one of your colleagues there - Judy Hecker - who has bought one of my husbands works for your esteemed collection. Which is very nice too.

    Enjoy your summer. We're missing your city.