February 12, 2013


This is how it works, right?

February 11, 2013


REALLY seems like he's trying to tell me something.

February 9, 2013

In a blizzard

I noticed this.

Vogue Bambini, Jan/Feb 1983.

A passerby inquired whether I was "picking up dirty old garbage."

Answer: Yes.


A stool!


Carved and strung with heavy twine.

Someone knew what they were doing.


Coffee ice cream

And maple-leaf cookies.

Recommended by Rebecca.TM

February 8, 2013

Oh no

They have formed an alliance.

Demanding lasagna!


She's still there...

New York City

A sandwich from the corner store. Costs $2.25.

It took me a while to get used to the idea...

February 6, 2013

Did you know

Greg wears spats.

February 5, 2013


You have come back to me!

February 3, 2013


Boswell got gonorrhea! From an actress!

Best 250-year-old diary ever.

February 1, 2013


Grilled cheese sandwiches by lamplight.

(In future I should probably NOT "clean" the lamp base with a wet, dirty sponge.)

Favorite bracelet

I was fiddling with it while walking down the street, and I dropped it on the sidewalk.

Repaired the crack with tape.

Works pretty good.

Meat without feet

Call that number for you-know-what.


Laughing at a really good joke I made.