June 30, 2009

In front of our motel room

Somewhere in New York state, on the asphalt before the door:

Mysterious wishbone.

I considered picking up and pulling it with Greg, but then I realized I didn't really want to touch someone else's nasty old chicken bone.

It was probably my one magic chance at having a wish come true. It was still there in the morning.


Greg's father sent us a great letter!

With a picture enclosed that he took in the backyard of his home in Powell River, British Columbia.

"RAAAWWWROOWRR!" [gnaw gnaw gnaw]

Maybe stay inside for a while, Mom and Dad?!?!?


Remember these little dudes?

Now check out these crazy plants (height indicated for your convenience)!

Yum yum.


More toof marks of a skorl.

How to be an asshole

When traveling in rural eastern Ontario, be sure to bring your Starbucks coffee into the local diner.

Also: wear a bright-blue embroidered Mexican dress and try to style your hair in multiple buns.

Then you might want to joke loudly about your "monochromatic" breakfast.

Try it! It works!

Staff sale!

So, at my work the retail department has a sale every year, of samples, returns, and other items they have lying around the department.

It is basically the best day of the ENTIRE YEAR!

I got:

Stationery, with matching stickers!

Stamp pad.

Van Gogh stamps—cuz why not?

Powder-coated steel wall hooks (Greg is against them).

More stickers!

Little mugs.

A wack of little photography books!

A wack of big books!


Fifteen dollars total!!


Embrace mediocrity

Especially when you find it in the trash!!!!!

Fiberglass (?) plant pot:

Ceramic bowl:

Nuthin' special, but functional.

Also: free.