December 9, 2012


A tuffet.


In August we visited our friend Evan, who has an organic farm in Ontario.

We helped out with harvesting, and on the rainy day we went thrift shopping in Kingston. I cackled over my treasures in the back of the van as we drove home (yes, I was wearing shorts!!).

That is correct: Heathcliff.



Of course I bought the chicken shape.

Wouldn't you?

Merry Christmas, Greg

I got you a suit.

New hat?

He is not impressed.

Our plan

So, the plan is to compost Francis's kitty litter in our yard.

This morning I dug a hole . . .

. . . and put the cat poop in it and covered it with a little dirt.

Later I looked out the window, and—another cat was pooping in it!!!

Yes, I dug a kitty latrine.

Public service.

Café Caribe

We were out of coffee this morning, so Greg bought this at the grocery store around the corner.

Two dollars!

It wasn't bad, actually...