August 25, 2009


Same artist—different neighborhood!

This is the third time I have seen this!

Alaskan Sun

Open 24/7 for twelve weeks, but the lamps never get very hot. Then they close for the rest of the year.

Sidewalk tree


Stick your head in it!


Smells good.

You got to appreciate the little things.

Parking lot

I pass this place sometimes on the way to work from our new apartment.

Check out the shack!

"Please lock the gate or vacate." Hand painted, in a mixture of angled cursive, capital letters, and small caps! And it rhymes!

On the other side of the structure, a modern approach (this kind of blows my mind):

Also like a poem! Set in Helvetica! Weird!

And up above:

Yep, lots to read here.

Weekend joy


Mmmm, maple glaze.


I have affixed a pompom to my sandal.

I advise you to do the same.