September 30, 2011

Free postcards!

I'm pretty sure I picked the best one.

September 29, 2011

What me and Greg need

This thing:

If you have been to our house, you know we have a bit of a laundry problem: i.e., a Mount Fuji of clothing in the corner of the bedroom.

I think this laundry cart would nicely contain the whole thing!

AND . . . it's name is Dandux!!!!

If I had seen this closer to home I would seriously have taken it.


Watching you.

September 24, 2011


Along with the zebra bag:

An awesome cotton sweater!! Fits pretty good too.

Uh oh!

We have another mouse, it looks like.

It nibbled our bunnies!

I undressed the bunnies before throwing them away:



Stuffed animal!

It's some kind of snake...?

September 20, 2011

Breakfast of champs

Which possibly explains why I am in a good mood today (for a change).

Peach season is almost over . . .  booo.

I do enjoy signing letters

Who doesn't?

You get to use a colored pen and write your name over and over!

Tote bag

Found on the street!

Needs to be laundered, but otherwise AWESOME.

The best thing ever

This guy.

I took many pictures. Until some people were like, Umm, excuse me, could we get some garlic please??

September 19, 2011

Head-to-toe chambray

Not just for seniors any more.

Evidence: I wore this outfit on Saturday.

Craft project

I made this for you.

Enjoy it.

September 15, 2011

New career

Cat portrait photographer.

This is Annie:

Bold. Alert.

And a different mood:

Over-the-shoulder shot!

My friend was cat-sitting her.

What's for dinner?

Tuna melts!

Not too shabby.

I would like to shake the hand

Of whoever designed this banner.


Pan pipes of Brooklyn.

Public school

They turned the library into a classroom.

I sure hope these books make it back onto shelves.

Especially this one:

Cause it looks awesome!

September 11, 2011


I went on a swing in Beacon, New York!

Greg took an excellent pichure of my ass. Thank you Greg.


The donut store in my neighborhood is just the best. (They were completing the September 11 decorations while we were there.)


In a pot by the side of the road in a rain storm:

The internet tells me it is portulaca. I hope I can take care of it.

(I think my geranium has some kind of blight; it's so upsetting!)

September 9, 2011



The awesomeness of our apartment

The view from the bedroom window, for one thing.

Good-bye, chicken people.

September 7, 2011


On the Upper East Side, in a box by the curb:
Some napkins and a couple placemats.

I like 'em.

Cactus update!

"Because you've been wondering."TM

Remember this little guy, grown from a sproat stolen from an estate sale?

So big now!

This one had a pink cactus grafted onto that white bit on the top of the main stem (remember, from Christmas?), which I impetuously pulled off a couple months ago:

That whole side sproat has grown since then, complete with roots!

And these two are bits of that giant cactus I saw on the street that time:

Now both pieces are growing new leaves on top!

My mom made that little pot for me, using a cabbage leaf as a mold. So perfect. Thanks Mom!