January 16, 2009


I deduce that Sherlock Holmes has a brand-new Twitter feed!

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I am brooklyncodger.

Nice chair, right?

I found the frame on the street; it was painted a hideous brown over layers and layers of various other colors. It was upholstered with something equally ugly. I took FIVE layers of upholstery and dusty old padding off it. It was like unwrapping a mummy.

Greg sanded the frame and I painted it (with paint found on the street). Greg did the upholstery using a pillowcase we already had and some new strapping. It worked out!

I heart free stuff!

Two things I like to look at while I work

On my bulletin board.

I forget where I picked up the postcard—at some flea market I think. The Charlie Brown/Van Gogh drawing by Kim Scafuro illustrated a review of Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography (2007), by David Michaelis, in the New York Times (I read the book - it's great).