November 29, 2009

Save $5

Buy cranberries the day after Thanksgiving.

Aw yeah.

Saturday textiles

Sailboats t-shirt. Awesome.

Sweater. Thought it was for Greg but decided it was for me.

Flowered cotton sheet!

And lavender linen napkins.

Two bought, two found on the street. Total: $9.48.

Not bad for not even trying.

I decided

I should have a hat like this.

I'll, uh, let you know how it works out.


Bathroom shelf!


I was planning to paint it white, but now I am liking the plywood.


This guy:

Is wearing wooden shoes!

I know!!

I really gotta get me some of those.


Someone did a nice job with this.

Julie Doucet

Have you read any of her books?

The Madame Paul Affair is sooooooooo good.

True mystery story with many awesome details of francophone life in Montreal, including art school, apartment rental, beer bars, weirdos, immigrants from small Quebec towns, bootlegging, stove-top espresso makers, bar brawls, kittens, and much much more!

I have been recently reunited with this book. I missed it.

When you're poor

Pack a lunch when you hit the town on Sat'day.

Eat it at Chelsea Market.

Why not?

Note: Will Farrell was standing next to the table when I took the pic, with wife, kid, and mother (no sign of a packed lunch).

Good to know

Individually certified.