January 19, 2009


Remember my very first post? Now our little house has a silo next door:

Fishs Eddy!

Holy moly, how did I not know this place existed? Once again Beth has blown my mind.

I got dishes:

Special glass for Greggy:

Some mini crocks, cuz why not (four for a dollar)?

Special glass for me:

And last but not least, Greg got me this:

Hee hee!

Grand total: $19.


Errands yesterday...

...included the purchase of bulbs and fixtures for our two Harri Koskinen Block Lamps:

I bought one at the staff sale at work for, I think, two dollars? Then snagged the other one at the end of the sale, for free.

Background woodburnings by Greg.

I gave Greg a haircut

Perfect. I really don't think he could be any cuter.

Ideal subway ride

Sitting, crocheting, listening to Sherlock Holmes stories:

Greg got me The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes for Christmas. I could ride around forever.


Remember this?

I was passing by the yard where I found it, so I took a pic: