July 10, 2012

It was so hot out

I got the flat tire on my bike fixed, then I stopped at an awesome yard sale!

I took these pictures lying on the bed next to the AC with the blinds drawn:

First published 1879. I feel like Meredith was maybe a buddy of Virginia Woolf's father? Curious to read this novel.

And by Tolkien:

A book I never heard of.


Kind of excited about this! It's the book Jane Austen mocks in Northanger Abbey!!

And, finally:

I read Roxana not too long ago; interested to see how this is different. Isn't the cover design great?

Yep, ol' Moll had lots of problems.

I bought a bunch of CDs for Greg, but we all know that music isn't as important as books...so no pictures of those.

Later we went to the pool!