January 29, 2012

Cold lasagna

Better than no lasagna?

Bedside table

My side.

(That's a mini terrarium in the jar, btw.)

The problem with lipstick

Unfortunately, it's gross.

From the mailbag

This arrived on the desk of my colleague Hannah last week.

Thank you for your interest, Werner.

Are you aware that 1992 was ten years ago?


We woke up all excited to have a special eggs breakfast, only to discover we had just one egg.

Then we thought--pancakes! But discovered we had no butter.

So steel-cut oats it was, with toppings.

It was goo-oood!

Exquisite corpse

A slight misunderstanding.


Equals toasting almonds then sticking them in your favorite Bonne Maman jar.

(I was going to title this post "Almond Joy"--I hope you appreciate my restraint.)


Wuz here.