November 15, 2010


Introduction to Economics Economics Economics Economics Economics Economics.

It's from 1977.

Oh noooooooo!

What happened??!

Poor little guy.

The truck driver said he came out and found him like that.

Greg says

I am like a parrot that can read.

Due to I like to read all the road signs out loud when we drive together.

But I think I'm more like a squirrel that knows how to use a straw.

What's for dinner?

Some . . . macaroni thing.


Sidewalk cat!

I hope you like pettin'.

National Take Your Pancakes to Work Day

I participated this year!


I took my earrings off in my sleep and laid them neatly by my pillow.

Blog Lomblad

Featuring my arm (big watch, of course) and my mysterious parcel.