July 22, 2011


Bye everyone! See you in two weeks!


Bye everyone! See you in two weeks!

110 degrees

Hottest day ever.

Someone has lost their sweat rag.


A friend

Have you ever had a person in your life who you never see but you think of often and who is still your friend forever?

When I started my job five years ago, just having moved to New York like three days before, Tara befriended me. She worked in HR and was the nicest, friendliest, coolest person ever, with an amazing skill of making everything fun! I didn't know anyone and was very lonerly, and she introduced me to a lot of people and invited me out a lot, and it really made a difference.

She left the museum a couple years to expand her scope and I haven't seen her much, but I got a surprise package from her the other day!

Containing this letter:

And this little item "for further inspection":

Um, it is from the street. It has knitting patterns in it. It was next to a hamster rollercoaster!

Basically. The best. Ever.

Tara = #1!!!!!!!

That dress

You know the one I mean. It's kind of ugly and not your style but it fits and when you really need something clean to wear—its there!

This is my dress like that. Green, with a weird pattern, cost eleven dollars from a sale rack. I wear it like twice a year, but I've had it now for--four years?


Oh my god


In the backpack.

Congrats b. kitty!