April 9, 2009

Cardboard appliances!

These are nice too:

Sometimes bougie holistic children's shops get it right.



The coin-counting machine asks you to guess, and if you are within $1.99 you get a prize. I guessed $20.


Guess how much?

I'm just about to take it to the bank.

I guess . . . thirty dollars. Greg says sixty!

UPDATE: No wait, I change my guess to twenty dollars!

Another house in the desert!

I must have one of these dwellings; a double-wide for me and Greg.


Under-floor storage:

Stove-n-sink to die for!

Natural alarm clock:

Designed and built (in progress) by Ben Lepley; thanks to Reference Library for the link.

The other windowsill

Open spring window!!

With specimens.

Feels good.

Windowsill flora update

Christmas cactus is doing well.

. . . not so much.

I think it's a dud.

UPDATE: Beth says, put it in dirt.

Do you think she looks excited for her new navy-blue shorts?

I think she does.


I got it pretty much mapped out.


I am digging on this!

Check out this guy's house in the desert!