January 24, 2009


We slept in, then we had a nap.

Then it was time for a stroll around the neighborhood.

Emily's Pork Store:

Baguette, provolone, and a three-and-a-half-pound blade roast for tomorrow: $16

Found a penny!

Snacktime at Variety and a whole bunch of coffee:

Purchased some rapini and a new box of kosher salt. Then found an old-timey desk chair!

Perfect condition except for some chipped paint and a bunch of dirt (and maybe a bit of rust). I'm going to clean it up.

Home. I listened to the radio and sewed blanket squares together. My blanket is looking so great!

Hmmm. Now I am feeling peckish. And thinking about that bottle of wine in the kitchen (despite my excesses last night).