May 4, 2009


On our windowsill and fire escape: hunk of grass.

I did not put it there. Greg did not put it there. Our upstairs neighbors were out of town.

Was a bird trying to build a nest there??? Or maybe just left it behind after stopping for a snack?

Street shelves

A homemade unit, sliced in half.

Look what it's made of!

Wainscoting? Molding?

Way to recycle.

I grabbed those two leaning boards for our collection.


Tomato farming.

Neighborhood fauna

Squirrel. Eatin' bread.



A new bird:

We think it's a gray catbird!

A wine crate on the fire escape (for future tomatoes):

But—see the stealthy cat in the background!?!?

It stood in that position without moving for a loooooong time.