November 10, 2011


That's a lot of brown sugar.


This morning:

A cute lil camp stool . . .

(with some amateur caning)

. . . and an interesting collection of veneer discs.

What in heck were they doing with it??

What's for dinner?

My friend Beth (or "Bert," as she is known to some, ie, me) has been engaging in a certain style of home cooking lately. She described it as "art school," and I immediately knew what she meant!

Me and Greg got on the bandwagon last night, and it was fantastic:

Tofu stir fry, with . . . NUTRITIONAL YEAST! Extra condiments: tamari and cayenne pepper.

Bert and I were also reminiscing also about the old art school cold remedy—just swallow a bunch of raw garlic cloves. Works awesome and you smell great!

PS: Also works for yeast infections, but you don't swallow them.


One little Cheeto.