November 12, 2009

Same but different

Remember these orange Mikasa mugs?

Ok, well check this out:

I bought it on Etsy.

Makes me happy.

It's pretty cause it's yellow

It's kind of a rule.

Ha ha

Some doofus went inside and left his bike light on!

Name of Greg.



What is


I had Almond Joy.

Then I had Almond Why-Did-I-Eat-That-I-Don't-Even-Like-It-And-Now-My-Heart-Is-Racing-And-I-Feel-Strangely-Hot.

Then I had Almond Joy again.

[Cycle repeats infinitely]

Turkey pot pie

Greg made it last night, because I had work to do.

It was SO GOOD—because he did something I never do. Which is: follow the damn recipe!

I made the biscuits for the top.

Leftover biscuits for breakfast: