February 26, 2009

Fisherman's sweater!!

For my teddy bear!

In progress:

I took his little measurements!


The best food in the world

Looks beautiful. Tastes beautiful.

What to eat when you get home at 10:30

Take an egg. Scramble it.

Slice some cheese and put the slices on a flour tortilla with the scrambled egg. Salt and pepper. Roll it up and toast your little burrito.

Stick it in a bowl with some leftover greens, plus a few pieces of sausage left over from your shweethart's dinner.

Add avocado.

Pour a nice glass of water (preferably in a Mason jar). Treat yourself to some lemon, cuz if you don't—who will?

There you go! Now take your bowl into the living room and flop on the couch and watch Planet Earth.

Later: chocolate ice cream.