September 23, 2009

Bear friends

Greg went to Toronto on the weekend, and I was all by myself.

I was lonely, so I got these guys out. We had some good conversations.

Today they're having a lie-in.

Gonna lounge around and whisper and giggle all morning.

I believe they call that "semi-hibernation."


I cleaned the greenbeans last night.

Yep, our table is also our desk and a kitchen counter, because until Greg gets his studio set up he can't build me a desk or build our extra surface in the kitchen.


(PS: Giant beans!)

Sniiiiff, ah!

You know that awesome smell where you can't tell if it's food or sweat?

That's what 53rd Street smelled like yesterday when I left work.

Yum yum!

(Barriers: not because of the smell. The UN is in session, and lots of motorcades passed today.)

Worst book ever written?

I found this first edition on the sidewalk last year.

Just sold it for twenny bucks! Aw yeah.