February 12, 2010

Oh. My. God.

We received the most INCREDIBLE parcel yesterday.

Details to come—it'll blow your mind.

IT BLEW OURS!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter food


Note to self

Do not buy the cheapest shovel.


I bought a bunch of these on the G train for a dessert I wanted to make (mmm . . . warm churros and ice cream and chocklit sarse).

There were a whole bunch left over. . . . I had to eat all of them all at once to make them go away.

Sometimes it's the only way.


I have a perverse love for this cushion. Perverse because . . . it's "Christmas" plaid? And literally matches nothing in our apartment?

I found the cover in a bag of cloth on a trash can (there's a matching one), and I finally sewed a pilla inside it a couple weeks ago.

The difference

When you are reading a book made of paper, you can tell when you're coming to the end. With an audiobook, if you aren't watching the screen, you might have no idea it's almost over.

The ending of this book was so sad and abrupt I almost couldn't handle it.

Landlady Valentine's Day decorations

Blue-eyed love panda.

Made of . . . plastic?

Or something.