March 10, 2009

I can't help it!

I just think this is really, really cute.

I am working on a hat...

...the exact color of my skin!

And I am getting not a little perverse pleasure out of it.

Mmmmm. Flesh beret.

Special package!

Once again, eBay rocks my world!

Later on Saturday

On Saturday, after VOLTA, we went to an opening by my facebook friend Rachel Beach in Williamsburg at Like the Spice. It was so rad!

I can has this one?

Pink and gold:

Skorl art, starring acorns!!

It's called Burrow.

Yay Rachel! Um, and I think I'll recognize you next time I see you.

UPDATE: Much better pictures here.

Then we went to the Boiler, Pierogi's new space.

Things started to get blurry so I just stood in a corner and pretended I was cool.

It tends to be a good strategy.

It might feel like spring...

...but if the ground is wet, don't wear your white jeans!