June 30, 2010


These boxes appear to have been printed with some form of movable type!

Now used only on date stamps and letterpress wedding invitations. (Or can you think of anything else?)


Apartment-building cat wants to go out.


Why glue a flower onto a perfectly good cactus???

Abstract(ish) tattoo

More people should have these.

(I followed this girl around on the L platform until she stood still.)

Down the street

From the devil.


The problem with refusing plastic bags

You have no plastic bags.

What do you put your garbage in?

Our new solution: START COMPOSTING! "Trash" is dry so can go in paper bag; compost can go in reusable container (bag? bucket?) that we can empty at the park on Saturday when we go to the farmers market.

In the Canadas everyone composts . . . We're going to give it a go here.

(Once I figure out how to make decent yoghurt [not working!], we'll have the yoghurt-container problem licked. But there's still the juice-container dilemma!! We drink 4 or 5 plastic Red Jacket Orchards bottles a week. I AM NOT SURE WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT IT.)

Last night

Went for a run in the park with the Greg.

It smelled like exhaust, dirt was blowing everywhere, and there were dead-looking men lying on the path.

But—it was somehow still awesome!

(The best part was the "cool-down period" on the couch watching 24 and eating watermelon.)

Last-minute lunch

Two boiled aiggs, leftover rice that sat overnight on the counter, and half a concombre from the market.

Add hot sauce from desk drawer. Stir.

Put in mouth.

June 29, 2010


Let's go Mets!!!!!

Let's go hotdogs!!!!!


One letter must be jaunty.

Hexagon blanket UPDATE

Oooh, pretty.

Lil Wayne is getting out of Rikers in November, so it needs to be done by then, Beth says (apparently he's going straight from prison to her bedroom?).

Good habits

Start using your coffee jar again! (Also, stick the straw in your pen holder so you can use it again.)

June 25, 2010


What are they talking about!?

The perfect book

It's softcover

and miniature,

contains historical reminiscences,

reproduces paintings,

has a cat in it,

and . . . cost a dollar!!!

All my favorite qualities!


The future best blanket in the world.

Each square is approx 18 x 18".

June 24, 2010

Greg Reynolds

His blog makes me laff.

June 23, 2010


Take your bike to the park.

Let it roll around on the grass!

Give it some oats.

Oh hi!

Can I come in?

Love for sale

No one's buying.


Cat house.

Put it on your "catio"!

June 22, 2010

What (not?) to wear to work

Polka dotted dress, striped scarf, and plaid shoes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I WENT FOR IT.

Treat for Mini Exley

Giant eclair!

Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp . . .

(Might take him a while to finish it.)

Club meeting

Very informal.

Summer farm vacation!

This is where we'll be for a week in July.

I can't wait!!

Trash can

Beef round
P. schop

Yes—why NOT write your grocery list/recipe on the garbage can?

June 21, 2010


A counterfeit penny! Made of cardboard!!

I had a few drinks on Saturday night, and I may have shown this to everyone at the party. More than once.

I think this is why they love me?

Cut your hair in the kitchen

Then make your own unsavory still life!

June 20, 2010

Neighbor's house

There's birds in there!

I can hear them cheep-cheeping.

June 18, 2010

Land Art

If Robert Smithson had been a squirrel.


As if in amber.

For you.

New thing

Walk down the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Yeah . . . twelfth floor. It takes a while.


Remember these?

Somehow they are on our dining room table.

Perhaps they belong to our houseguests.