April 23, 2009

Cats of Sutton Street

You got your feral black-and-white spotted kitties:

Chowing down.

Not so sure she wants to be petted by the giant hand:

Then you got your domestic beauties:

Also skittish.

I got love to give, but I got no takers.

I can't believe it's butter!

I made it!

Oh yes I did. In a jar.

Shake shake shake, then: omigod it worked!

Rinse 'er off, add some sea salt, and that's it!

You got butter.

Nothing to do with anything

This photograph was not taken in Brooklyn.

Click on it, it's big!

Thanks Canidae Central!

Large and mysterious parcel

Containing a birthday present for Greg.

What is it?


I just stumbled on this!

My heart is pounding!

Further evidence

What happened to your house, Mr. Squirrel???

Morning sun

It makes shadows on the blind.

Power lines and mystery nicknacks.


Lunch out of cardboard and plastic.

Except—note my coffee jar (with cozy)!

Gotta remember my lunch from home today.

Tut tut

That Greg.

Looking at his pornography again.

Knock knock knock

Hi ma'am, sorry to bother you.

But, um...you know that dolly you have out front?

Can I have it?


Best dessert in the entire world ever?

Strawberries, sugar, whipped cream.