May 31, 2011

Keep plastic bags away from children

They may accidentally throw away their friend.


May 30, 2011

The good thing about books you find on the street:

They are free.

The bad thing:

Someone might have crossed out every reference to sex with a black marker!!!!!!!!

Memorial Day weekend BBQ

"Can you help me put my fox ear back on?"


At the corner store with my friend Beth, I happened to notice this item in the freezer.

Yes, Mamita's Batata Cream.

I showed it to Beth and she was like—LET'S GET IT! (Somehow this radical step had not occurred to me: a key difference in our personalities.)

It was shockingly good!

Derlicious quiescently frozen tropical-sweet-potato-flavored frozen custard is now in my life!

May 27, 2011


Metalworker pants.

He has taken two weeks off his job at the Whitney to work on the boat project.


Something quite small.

May 26, 2011


Bath time!

At first he sulked like a big baby.

But then he had fun!


All clean!


Last night while I was running:

A black jersey miniskirt, aw yeah!

A bag o' clothes on the street is a good reason to stop running (like just about anything).

Tuna = my new thing

I found this brand that supposedly has fifty percent less mercury than other kinds and is dolphin friendly, etc etc. But it costs $3.29 per can!!!?!

Anyway—last night:

Tuna melts.

Goat cheese, hardboiled egg, plum vinegar, spring garlic, mayonnaise, salt, and peppa.

May 24, 2011


A can of tuna.

With salt.

My friend Beth said, "I imagine cartoon cats coming to visit you."

May 23, 2011

Belligerent monkeys

Yes, they are looking at you.

May 22, 2011


As I mentioned, I have been craving spicy food. On Saturday afternoon I made myself this:

Brown rice, aiggs, spicy ketchup, soppresata, and green beans.

Stir it up and get it in you!! SO GOOD.

Two awesome found books

Apparently this was a super-duper bestseller (this version is from the sixteenth printing in two years). I think Robert L. Short pretty much invented a genre.

And this:
I'm suprised I haven't read it before. I took a couple years off after my first year of college (art school in Toronto in 1995–96) and spent the time mainly in Halifax, Nova Scotia, living at my mom's, working as a cook in a greasy pub, and reading everything in a certain genre of feminist writing I could find—including Dorothy Allison's novels (intense!!) and pretty much everything published by Firebrand Books. I was also really into poetry then, too.

So now I own these! Yay finding stuff!

Still life on bed

The scarf is getting really long!

One thing I really find satisfying

Stacking the towels after we do the laundry (sometimes the pile goes up really high).

Mutual cat-human surveillance

Basically what the title says.

May 21, 2011

Friday lunch

I reaaaaally wanted spicy food, and I discovered this Japanese place near work.

I devoured the house special while reading Robinson Crusoe (free iPhone app!).

May 20, 2011

Nautical theme

More aboat the boat on Blog Lomblad!

I always like that guy's pichures.

May 19, 2011

My favorite farmers market stand


I like seeing the kids get excited about them.

Each of these boys was allowed to pick out one plant.

No TV on weeknights

This is our new thing.

Which means we often sit at the table while we eat—I KNOW, right??—and peruse the newspaper or a book (me) or the New Yorker (Greg). Tonight I was reading this very interesting book, which I found at a secondhand store in Los Angeles.

There's a great part where John Lehmann basically says that Leonard Woolf was money-grubbing because he "grew up in an Anglo-Jewish household"!?

Way to go, John.


I have to keep making cakes until all the leftover icing is used up.

Can't let it go to waste.

Noted this morning

A lady of quality has lost her handkerchief.

May 18, 2011

Poor George

First Stella died, and now Pierre has disappeared.


Someone has a nice little shrine.

To . . . something.

Or perhaps they just enjoy stacking masonry.


A penny! Literally both shiny and new.

I am one cent closer to filling that mason jar on the dresser.

Do you need anything from the store?

Just one of these, please.

May 17, 2011

New bag!

Only one problem: it's too small to hold street finds! And/or bike helmet.

Nice though, right (especially for $20)?

Aw yeah

Hammy's helping us get ready for the party!

Note regarding petting: "She only likes it on the head."


A cotton scarf.

So far so good!

On the weekend

We bought a boat! In Maryland!

Then we drove home with it in a rain storm.

May 16, 2011


Someone who will go to an amateur production of Annie with me down the street from my house (it's gonna be awesome!!)

Greg has already confirmed his nonparticipation in this scheme.

May 14, 2011

Hello beautiful

I kind of want to kiss you on the mouf.

Five Leaves

We waited almost an hour for our food this morning.

But it was SO WORTH IT!

Someone's birthday!

I did in fact make a stencil for this cake.

May 13, 2011