April 14, 2011


The sky was an amazing color tonight.

Le chat

Hello Montreal cat!

Allow me.

That's right.


I always leave them satisfied.


It is SO HARD.

You remember this lace I was knitting. Well, I decided it was dumb to be knitting lace in yellow cotton (it turns out Greg does not want a yellow jabot), and so I unraveled it and started again, wider this time, with some nicer yarn. Over the course of two ten-hour train trips I started and restarted this same piece of knitting at LEAST ten times, and I am not even exaggerating. Maybe it was the different yarn, but "things" kept happening. Like, after a number of rows, I would count and there would be 74 stitches, and then I would knit a row with no apparent mishap . . . but then when I counted the stitches again there would mysteriously be two extra. And then in the next row two more would appear out of nowhere, or maybe one would disappear, even though I was being EXTREMELY careful. Or some weird thing would happen and I would try to fix it and get the stitches backward, then try to fix that, then drop a stitch and—it was sad :(

So a few days I ago I decided, fine—I'll go back to the yellow cotton yarn if that's what it takes. And (with only a few mishaps) I knit like 30 beautiful rows (six inches?) before it all went to hell again. I kept unknitting rows and reknitting them as I traveled to work and back, trying to get it right, and generally regressing rather than progressing over each twenty-four hour period.

Finally tonight I just didn't know if I was coming or going with it anymore. So I took it all out and started again.

And this is what I got so far:

How do people ever knit SWEATERS?


Are doin' it for themselves!

Seriously, I just give them water from time to time (OK, every day), and they do all the rest!

So pretty.