November 27, 2008

Prints by Greg

He is off work this week and has been spending a lot of time at the studio.

Happy Thanksgiving holy crap our desk fell off the wall!

The weight bent the screws and the two-by-four came out of the wall. (In the pics below it is propped up by a piece of wood.)

Our living room is a disaster, compounded by the fact that we drank two bottles of wine in it last night in the middle of the mess.

We probably had 300 pounds on the back of the desk: very heavy black oak shelves (found on the street) (you can see them below in the doorway at the back of the pic) filled with art books; two computers, a scanner printer, files galore, art supplies... I am not really surprised it finally gave out. Yep and now that stuff is strewn all over the room.

Greg heroically saved my new computer.