April 19, 2010

Bazzini's Fresh Roasted Peanuts

I love this packaging.

Look at the drawing!

So good.

Philosophy for kids

I love this story, and I extra-love the fact that they read and discuss Frog and Toad Are Friends!


HOLY MOLY there were like 400 books stacked against the fence on the corner of Driggs and McGuinness last weekend!

I came upon them as I ran toward the park for some exercise... Ninety minutes later Greg came looking for me (I had been going for a half-hour run). He met me on the sidewalk as I walked home in my running gear with two shopping bags full o' books. Yers, I was rawther embarrassed.

But—free books!

A delightful prospect

Is that pistarchio donut as good as it looks?




Bench friends.


Christmas-tree ornaments! "From Germany."

Two bucks at a yard sale.

This one is my favorite, natch.