March 29, 2011


Yes, I wove in the last loose end last night!

More pictures later—just wanted to pass on the glad tidings.

March 28, 2011

I am knitting something real!

Feather-and-fan lace. Can you believe it?

Beth had the genius idea that I should try lace, because it wouldn't be boring. And she was totally right—I am really enjoying it. It has knit yarnovers and knit-2-together, as well as knit and purl.

It's a present for Greg (I believe that every man should have a jabot of yellow cotton lace for special occasions).

The cutest text message ever

From my five-year-old niece, Sabrina, who lives in Montreal.

What a little sweetheart.


Is this a thing??!

I pray it is just a typo.

March 27, 2011


She's just hanging out.

March 26, 2011

New condiment

I'm excited!

March 25, 2011

The first really warm day

The sculpture garden was packed.

I wore open shoes!

I cannot wait to ditch the boots for good.


Lady torso!

Well used.

Working from home

Not only do I get a zillion times more work done, but:

I can have an egg sandwich whenever I want!

I know I'm going to look at this picture when I'm at the office next week and want one SO BAD.

I am going to win this on eBay

If its the last thing I do.


March 24, 2011


A wizard.

March 23, 2011


Perhaps the best mittens ever made?

Squirrel, acorns, oak leaf, and—my initials!!!

Custom made by my friend Beth, who is getting the hexagons blanket (if I ever finish it).

March 21, 2011


She lives with Beth.

I have been known to make her purr.


One slightly used cake.

My friend Sara found this in Brooklyn on the weekend.

March 18, 2011

Can you see him?

Oh, there he is!

Yes, I am surveilling a cat.

It's what I do.

On the way to work

I learned how to crochet backward!!

That is—left to right.

This will be super handy for a project I have in mind.

March 17, 2011

Getting there!

I need to make the inside less lumpy tho.


I am going to the New York International Children's Film Festival.

And, uh, no . . . I do not have a child.

March 16, 2011

A piece of advice

If you want to crochet on the subway.

It is best if you do not leave your yarn on the platform.


What's for dinner?

Tofu. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

(And chocolate cake.)

March 15, 2011

Question: What is the best treatment for strep throat?

a) penicillin

b) ice cream

c) both

Answer: C of course!!

I brought my friend some medicine (the cake helps it "go down").

Guess what I made?

If you guessed cheese soufflé you are correct.

March 14, 2011

Office improvement project

In progress.

I should probably start another office improvement project: called "clean your desk."

March 10, 2011


It looks a bit weird.

And . . . it was a bit weird.

Hake with dill cream sauce (made by the Greg), a quarter of a yellow pepper (organic because regular peppers have too much pesticides; this is my rule), asparagus, and a wack of plain mashed black beans.

Nutrition—get it in you!

March 8, 2011


A big box o' unused padded envelopes!

Just sitting there.

I helped myself to a hearty handful! Perfect for mailing books.


I trimmed these off the hexagons. Almost done for real now!


I think these should probably belong to me.

UPDATE! I made an offer of $10, then someone made a counter offer of $20. What to do??

March 7, 2011

Made for Greg

He's been putting up with a lot lately. Um . . . from me. And also he fixed my bike.

Thanks Greg!

March 3, 2011

Free box!

Containing . . .

First edition.


Walking home in the dark

I met . . . a friendly cat!

I sat down on the stoop and it totally curled up on my lap and purred!!


I didn't even mind that it was digging its claws into my leg.

March 2, 2011

My Latin teacher

I just think he is really, really great.

He has been teaching for fifty years. He wears the same clothes everyday, he gets his hair cut seasonally (head and face), he does not have email, and he has a rotary phone in his office at Sarah Lawrence. And he once referred to a word processor as a "computer machine." And he told us a story about how he went into Radio Shack here in New York the other day and asked for a transistor radio—and the girl working there had no idea what he was talking about.

But he has a true understanding of the classical world—it makes you despair to think of everything he knows that you will never know.


I made it.

It's double thick.

Inspired by these, by a true master of crochet.

Crocheted sheep rug

Isn't this literally—literally!—the best thing you have ever seen?