February 8, 2011

New drawing by Greg

I like it.

And there's more where that came from!

Baby blanket

For a friend.

Three sizes of granny squares! (There's a mini version not visible.)

I packed it up and sent it off to Toronto with:

Two baby hats!

One with pompom!!!!


I want to steal these from the office supply shelf.


Awesome paperbacks!

The Shook-Up Generation (1958, third paperback printing 1969)—a "shocking exposé of juvenile delinquency," with an introduction by Eleanor Roosevelt. It reminds me of this (the book, not the sweater).

I'm Done Crying (1969): "THIS BOOK WILL SCARE THE HELL OUT OF YOU!" Ha haaaaaa!

Aren't books great?

My favorite chocolate in the entire world

They changed the recipe in the fall—and the new formula is really bad. Since then I have been buying up and stockpiling all the original bars I can find. For a while I had quite the cupboard full.

Tonight I ate the very last piece. I actually feel really sad!

Halifax, Nova Scotia

My friend Jennifer secretly recorded this starling on her office windowsill.

Turn up the volume to hear him whistle!! (Did you know that starlings are mimics, like mynas?)

Sigh. I miss animals.