February 8, 2011

Baby blanket

For a friend.

Three sizes of granny squares! (There's a mini version not visible.)

I packed it up and sent it off to Toronto with:

Two baby hats!

One with pompom!!!!


  1. kind of makes me want to be a baby so i can get awesome presents like this.
    i love the blanket! question: was it hard to get the different square sizes to match up with each other? i feel like some math might be involved or something. i've wanted to make a multi-size-square blanket, but i'm intimidated!

  2. Oh, do it!! It's super easy! If you can make a granny square you can make a blanket fer sure.

    You can see that my big squares have 8 rows around, and the next smallest have 4 rows around (so they're 1/4 the size). The really small squares (not visible) have only 2 rows--just the center with 1 additional color row around (again 1/4 the size). That way, 2 medium squares fit alongside 1 big square. And 2 small squares fit alongside 1 medium square.

    Hmm, is this in any way a clear description?

    You could also do it in threes (3, 6, 12, 24...) or make all different sized ones and piece them together so it comes out even at the blanket edge. On this one I wanted it to be a grid.