May 6, 2011

B. Kitty

You're back!

Baby plants!

Right-hand windowsill = special experimental nursery.

Featuring cuttings from someone's sidewalk garden in LA (illegally transported out of California in my carry-on):

A sprig lifted from a display plant outside a garden store in Brooklyn (soooo bad!):

From a potted plant in front of an apartment building in my neighborhood:

This one is a cutting from a plant I actually paid for:

These little dudes are also from LA:

And last but not least, these fellas, grown from a "piglet" surreptitously removed from a sow-and-piglets plant at an apartment sale:

I love them all so much!

Every morning I inspect them minutely from a distance of one centimeter, grinning with joy and cackling softly to myself.