November 15, 2011

Check it out


A cake was made this eve

Inspired by this picture. We were having a family blog slide show and when we saw it we were both like "DROOL."


Prize for cutest little measuring spoon:

First place.


I got something in the mail today!

A comic book by Marc Bell from the mid-1990s!

With ephemera!

And personal note.

I first read his stuff in The Coast in Halifax, then I picked up a few books at some zine fair or other (There is Nothing, Shrimpy and Paul, Big Pile Comics), then I bought his new book at the New York Art Book Fair last month, from Drawn and Quarterly. Then, while surreptitiously stalking him on Facebook, I came across his Etsy store.

And now I got a new book to read! (Well, reread . . . I took care of the first go-round on the subway on the way home from work.)

In the Catskills

We realized neither of us had packed a toothbrush!


In Greg's special emergency pouch (always in backpack):

Not only a toothbrush, but a toothbrush customized to fit in the pouch!!

It was like a miracle to me. Greg = #1!