April 22, 2013


At his post.

Contemplating yard garbage + onion grass.

Supposedly the landlord will remove the garbage this week! AND build us a new fence!

(The onion grass is up to us, however.)

Sitting in the railway station

Got a ticket for my destination...ooh ooooooh ooooooooooh...

(Destination was Newark Airport, btw.)

Thrift-store bed linens

First, take them to the laundromat and warsh them.



Where they look awesome.

Impulse buy

Not bad. But also, not good.

This was better.

Boswell and Rousseau

Talk about cats.

"A hen would obey your orders if you could make her understand them. But a cat will understand you perfectly and not obey them."

Sage words. (Good luck with the hen.)

Also, worst fear: being mocked by teenagers.

Day-glo pouch

It's his raincoat.

He's looking at the cord, like, Don't you know how to use a camera?

In the yard



It's one hundred percent onions.

Quite the savory aroma out back.

April 17, 2013


Heard a dog on TV.


We went on a quick trip to Montreal last weekend, and our friends took us to the giant "Fripe-Prix Renaissance" near their place. It was amaaazing.

As you can see, I found something very special:

That is correct. A bug-eyed lion double coathook.

Good work VĂ©ronique: 24/25.

April 16, 2013


Elmer Fudd's doing, no doubt.

I did not buy this


But I was sorely tempted!!

April 10, 2013


Sad fax machine, now obsolete.

I almost took this fake grass??!

Reading the New Yorker

I could not stop staring at this picture.

I still can't.

April 8, 2013


My sister Sarah was in town, and we had some friends over.

Beautiful centerpiece.

Crocuses from our yard!!

And, note: I got to use this!

Beth brought this beauty.

Very fun times.

My excuse is

I had the flu.

Dear everyone

Get ready for the best iPhone case on planet Earth.

(Note: picture taken atop Doonesbury book, neatly encapsulating my current obsessions.)

April 7, 2013

Side project

Reading all of Doonesbury! I'm up to the 1980s, tho I think I missed a bit of the 1970s.

Definitely one of the great (and ongoing!) oeuvres in comics.

April 6, 2013

Nerd package has arrived!


Check it out:

Previous owner had an embossing stamp!


The cat

Watching you.

(But in a cute way.)

In the closet

Greg's "time out" chair.

One way to dry your jeans

It did work.

Another literary post

After much squinting and neck craning I determined that this man was reading Othello.


Have you seen this blog yet?

"A Connecticut Muffin in King Arthur's Court"

I took these pictures just so I could make that joke.