May 22, 2011


As I mentioned, I have been craving spicy food. On Saturday afternoon I made myself this:

Brown rice, aiggs, spicy ketchup, soppresata, and green beans.

Stir it up and get it in you!! SO GOOD.

Two awesome found books

Apparently this was a super-duper bestseller (this version is from the sixteenth printing in two years). I think Robert L. Short pretty much invented a genre.

And this:
I'm suprised I haven't read it before. I took a couple years off after my first year of college (art school in Toronto in 1995–96) and spent the time mainly in Halifax, Nova Scotia, living at my mom's, working as a cook in a greasy pub, and reading everything in a certain genre of feminist writing I could find—including Dorothy Allison's novels (intense!!) and pretty much everything published by Firebrand Books. I was also really into poetry then, too.

So now I own these! Yay finding stuff!

Still life on bed

The scarf is getting really long!

One thing I really find satisfying

Stacking the towels after we do the laundry (sometimes the pile goes up really high).

Mutual cat-human surveillance

Basically what the title says.