December 22, 2008

This dog...

...hates you, me, and himself.


This sign is supposed to communicate the fact that there are cameras at the intersections that will snap a pic of your licence plate if you run a red light:

But why in god's name did they choose a pictograph of a camera that has BEEN OBSOLETE for ONE HUNDRED YEARS?!??? Bewildering.


I just discovered this picture on Greg's camera:


When we arrived we couldn't find the two kitties anywhere in the apartment. Eventually I found Minnow in the paper shredder box.


I have still only seen Rumble for a split second; he stays in his nest under the bed when we are around. He snuck out in the night to eat his food.

Various Vancouver vignettes

There is a mountain at the end of our street!!!!

Vancouver has really beautiful trees:

These pots look like little nomes (with pointy hats)! Or ice cream cones!

It had to be done.

On vacation!

New York:


Most snow in thirty years. Yay!