February 12, 2009

Fun times

When I go to the Y I like to sit at the mini table and pretend I'm a giant!!

It's pretty awesome.

Rare sighting of a crochet-related accessory!

At Craftster.


Why does this scarf have to cost $324?

Saw it on Totokaelo, which is where I go to torture myself.

My homeland: Canada's Ocean Playground!

Bought for $2 at a flea market in Park Slope last weekend:

Northwest Arm!

Canoe jousting? Wha—?

That is Barrington Street, on the lefthand page, top right.

Apple Blossom Queen.

This looks like the South Shore to me.

Giant fish!

Now I really want to go camping!

Highland Games.

This was published sometime before 1949.