May 4, 2011

Last week

I visited Los Angeles for the first time ever! People, did you know there are places where the weather is nice EVERY DAY, people are not completely stressed out, and it is not ugly at all??!

I wore flip flops, there were palm trees, I ate frozen yoghurt twice (very uncharacteristic!), I visited my friend's awesome live/work studio, I hung out with my pals, I ate SOOO much good food, there were doggies, I went to the beach and to the Getty, and in addition to a coyote, several hummingbirds, and three cottontails, I saw an amazing giant eagle!

Wow, right?


It rained this morning so I left my bike at home and took the bus. Walking home after work, I found a very special, very old item:

Red Devil Supreme Quality High Gloss Enamel.

The Can with the Color on the Top! Apply . . . Fast Dry! Looks New!

You may use it on your roadster. And/or perambulator.


The exact color of my flesh.

Greg Reynolds!

He has won a sculpture commission for Randall's Island in the East River!

It's gonna look like this:

Seventeen-foot rowboat, yo!

More found stuffffff!

I toted these home in my bike basket on Sunday:

A bunch of Childcraft books from the seventies (they are surprisingly awesome!).

And . . .

A basket. In which I stuck a bunch of crochet stuff.