September 8, 2009


If you lived in this house...

...would you TRIM THE DAMN TREES!?

I thought so.

Apparently these people (who live across the street from my mom) like their privacy.


Made by my grandfather, Melvern C. Hoff, the type of man who wrote the date on things he made.


Apocryphal family story: back in the day, a young friend of my brother saw the trivets on the table, yelled "Chocolate!" and tried to eat one.

Summertime memory

Evidence of skorl activity at the cabin.

Elementary, my dear Watson!

(Also they liked to steal the toilet paper.)


How is this man holding this child?



Governor's Island.

Rooftop dining

It's fun.

And you can spy on people.

Now what are they up to over there?

Hm. Nothing much.

Dinner was decent though!

Value Village

More things I considered buying:

Turtle versus snake!!

From when I was two years old.

In case Greg and I never make a friend.

Money-making machine.

I regret not getting that last item.