June 4, 2009

OK, now it's really finished

I thought it should be a bit longer...then I thought of pink!

Cozy camera.

Mani pedi

I hate having long nails, toe or finger.

Yeah . . . the pedicurist was somewhat consternated by this little guy!

Nice navy blue and chocolate brown, tho, right?

Lovely happiness

We must own this home. Even if (Especially if...?) it means we also must move to Sweden.

Looks like we'll be in a bidding war with Fine Little Day! (She totally saw it first.)

Hobo rolls

Remember this?

Now read this "trend report" from yesterday's Continuous Lean.


Found last night!

As I was cooling down after my run, on top of a trashcan:

Desert Babies!

Choice spread:

OMG adorable! This will be a present for my friend Carey, who is a word-class devotee of the Qte.

Also, this amazing book about bread!

I'm keeping that one!

Yay books!!


"One night I dreamed that I painted a large American flag, and the next morning I got up and I went out and bought the materials to begin it."

That's what Jasper Johns said about the development of his painting Flag, of 1954–55.

In 1958 he made Three Flags, and this is the envelope on which he first sketched his idea. It looks like it spent a lot of time in Johns's studio before it was acquired by the Whitney Museum of American Art (it was a fiftieth-anniversary gift, so maybe in 1981?), where Greg is a paper preparator. He found it in the racks and took this picture!

Camera case!

Il est fini!


Is your mind boggling?