January 22, 2009

One more post about hobo pants

"Clothing: Clothes can be of any style, but generally consists of long-sleeved shirts, and denim pants, good denim pants are needed because the work and travel of the Hobo is rough, easily destroying clothing not made for the job. Too many attendants at the local mission are used to locals wearing what ever pants are given, and will not even try to understand the Hobo looking for the rough and tough pants that will endure a working punishment, and last for at least a year."

From hobo.com.


  1. How does this site/information even really exist! When did you decide to become a hobo?!

  2. Sis i dont even know!!

    i am not a real hobo - just a weekend hobo.

  3. Today, on Piedmont avenue, in Oakland, I passed a clothing store having a "Hobo Sale." If this trend is on Piedmont, then it is everywhere.