May 30, 2009

Post office

Pictures cannot describe the New York post office experience.

I went today to pick up a parcel.

Note: About fifty people squashed into a long line in a small room, all disgruntled. Fluorescent lighting, no air conditioning.

Scratched bullet-proof plastic. Toddler underfoot. Mismatched, confusing signage. Crackling microphones.

And always a sad and/or sordid story of some sort: today it was an illiterate middle-aged woman begging unresponsive customers to help her fill out a form for a money order in exchange for $5.


But why?

This is a typical Canadian post office:

Just sayin.


  1. I so know what you mean. I was in Manhattan last June and your photos and text sum up my experience of a NY post office. I could not understand why it has to be that way. I felt like I was in a 3rd world country. BUT I LOVE NYC :) and don't mean to sound like a whinger. Happy to say Australian PO's aren't always happy places either but do look more like your Canadian pic.

  2. FYI, there is always a lineup at the "postal outlets" I frequent. Except the actual post office first thing in the morning...And no smiles, either.

  3. But then again, quebec isn't really "canada" is it?
    OH SNAP!

  4. haha the canada post office is just like that & the nyc post office is just like that. if only i could go back to canada just when i need to mail things.

  5. it's nyc. post offices in suburbia aren't like this, but the one i go to in manhattan is as bad as yours or worse.