December 7, 2009

Hat for a sister in law

I made this.

Then I thought—Greg's sister lives in a small town in British Columbia. She is not "funky." She will not be going to the tam tams (she has much better taste!).

Frogged it and made this instead.

Only slightly pointy, with ear-warmer band around the bottom. No pom pom.

Much better.


  1. NB your tam tam photos are missing a critical element - I don't want people to get the wrong idea and think that there isn't any creative anachronism or live action role play (LARP) at the tam tams. Please rectify.

  2. Rebsi you are so incredibly talented! It is sad that the funky pointy hat had to be frogged, but its reincarnation is equally outstanding.

  3. aw! thank you! it means a lot coming from you

  4. makes me wonder what small town. if she lived in the Kootenays say... it would fit right in.. :)