December 21, 2010


A Swedish quilt.

And "boro" cloth, made in Japan by the poor mainly from scraps of indigo-dyed cloth.

One day I will make a quilt.


  1. And it's quilts like these that make me like quilts.

  2. Do it! Start now. Take random bits of material and sew them together. I could not be easier. Sure you can learn all about quilting and how to do it 'right' but the quilts done the 'right' way are not nearly as gorgeous as the ones done the 'wrong' way. I'll send you a bag of scraps right now if all you lack are materials.
    ps: this is me being wildly enthusiastic. Just in case you couldn't tell.

  3. Hee hee hee! Once I finish my crochet works in progress I'M ON IT!