February 20, 2011

Books read in 2011

My new thing is, read actual books! (I mean, books made of paper, not audiobooks on my iPod.)

So far this year, this is what I have gotten through. All good—and all by dead people, as per the usual.

I loved the Lucia books so much I read one of them in the dark, walking home from the subway after work (it wasn't easy!)—something I haven't done since I reread Harriet the Spy a couple years ago. It reminded me of when I was a kid, when my mom would call "Supper time!" but I wouldn't want to put down my book. . .


  1. So intrigued Im going to buy an anthology of the lucia books on your recommendation. Have you read nancy mitford? I finally read them a few months ago after yrs. of being told i'd love them - and yes, they are hilarious. and fascinating... I ALSO recommend barbara pym! my friend and I are a little obsessed with your blog! its the greatest!

  2. OMG yes, if you like Nancy Mitford you will LOVE these! (She write the intro to Lucia in London...). OK, Barbara Pym is next on my list!

  3. BP is very different, not about glamorous people at all, but SO good! and funny! and great incidental period detail etc., which is what I'm addicted to! Did you find the dragon tattoo book mysteriously bad and boring but you couldn't stop reading it?? that was my experience!

  4. I found it very compelling but also in a way boring? Kind of uneven. But I still plan to read them all! I am just happy to find a non-misogynist—in fact feminist—thriller/mystery genre book.