February 6, 2011

Found in a recycling bag

"To the guys on the block, J. T. is the kid who stole the radio out of the red convertible before they could get to it. His neighbor, Mrs. Morris, declares him a first-class nuisance. His mother is bewildered —'He's just gone bad, that's all. . . Stealin' and lyin' and I don't know what all.' But all the sensitivity, responsibility, and care of which ten-year-old J. T. Gamble is capable emerges when he finds an old, one-eyed, badly hurt alley cat."

With pictures by Gordon Parks, Jr., son of photographer and film director Gordon Parks and himself the director of Super Fly (1972).


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  1. O.My.Goodness. I remember this movie. I watched it in elementary school. I cried in the dark classroom. It was really touching. Thanks for posting this.