June 30, 2011


On the street Monday night:


Solid-wood dresser covered in golden cloth featuring Mt. Fuji!! Too heavy for me to attempt and Greg wasn't having it (exhausted from moving dirt around on Randall's Island), so I didn't investigate further. It really seemed like a nice old thing though.

I decided I didn't need this oil painting:

Due to it is hideous.

I really liked this super-old photograph (who are those guys?) but the glass was broken, so I decided to leave it.

This, on the other hand:

Now lives at my house!

I call it "Windswept."


  1. Oh paint by numbers! you had me at 'paint'. or was it 'numbers'. I also cannot leave behind any old needlepoint pictures. They are the embroidered version of paint by numbers. I'll have to do a post about the someday.