August 12, 2011



It's like a picture in a magazine (of some sort).


  1. THIS is far more interesting than all those twee, contrived pics on women's (generalisation) blogs and flickrs and AAAAAARRRRGGHH they drive me MAD! They're like those girls at school who just decorated the furniture all day.
    I think there's a valid space in the world for you to fill with a blog named something like "(some sort)Interiors".
    That buouy is truly beautiful. And lucky you - if there's one thing I do miss in life, it's a man in a bed!
    The jumper is delicious and I think that light fitting is one of the best I've seen - EVER!.
    The lighting's perfect - there's an air of mystery to the bedside objects, stuck within the glare of the lamp.
    Aaaah perfect imperfec; yo've added a wholesomeness to my day!